For those who have an intense urge for Spirit and wisdom, it sits near them, waiting.


Genuine and down-to-earth, Kevin Courtney is one of the leading yoga and meditation teachers in the world, offering students and fellow teachers practices and advice that are transformative well beyond the mat.


Initiated in his relationship to movement and connection to nature as a child surfing in San Clemente, California, Kevin has dedicated the last 20 years to the pursuit of awakening consciousness.  Kevin’s teachings focus on the tools he has discovered to be the most effective: awareness, presence, vitality, strength and mental clarity.


A New York City transplant, Kevin found himself in his mid-twenties completely consumed by work, which involved business development and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. In the midst of his career, Kevin was diagnosed with cancer. In 2001, as he watched the Twin Towers fall from just a few blocks away, he knew he was destined for something different.


Kevin abruptly left his corporate career, shifting his attention to yoga, something that felt profound and deeply personal. In 2002, Kevin began teaching classes in New York City.

Finding inspiration in teachers like Dharma Mittra, Richard Freeman, and Swami Satchidananda, Kevin dedicates his study through the mentorship and guidance of Nikki Costello, Rod Stryker and his daily personal practice

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His classes are infused with tantric hatha and qi gong to purify and ignite the body’s vital energy, allowing it to unfold and flow with the aid of Iyengar alignment and the intelligence of vinyasa krama. 

Kevin's work has been featured in Well + Good, VOGUE, the New York Times, VICE and most recently in Francesco Mastalia’s photography book -  YOGA The Secret of Life. (pictured here) 

Internationally acclaimed as both a teacher and teacher trainer, Kevin has contributed his knowledge, energy, and passion to events like Wanderlust, Envision and the Burning Man Arts Festival. On the faculty at the Boston Yoga School, Kevin teaches new teachers philosophy through the art of Raja yoga. 

Kevin’s profound knowledge and commitment to the practice has given him the opportunity to act as the curator for Bonnaroo Music Festival’s yoga program for the past seven years, an executive consciousness consultant for business and thought leaders through his program INSIGHT, and a contributing teacher for Taryn Toomey’s exclusive Retreatments.

Also the creator of Nada Sadhana, the musical group’s debut album “The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. 1” became one of the most listened to albums in yoga studios across the country.

Kevin offers workshops, classes and retreats worldwide and is a featured teacher on GAIA online.