Envision Festival is a conscious music and arts festival which takes place on the coast of Costa Rica just outside of Dominical.

The gathering aims to raise awareness around more than a few things at once. It highlights the power we have as individuals to effect change environmentally. It brings together healers, mystics, thought leaders, teachers, and regional food vendors to present and offer their nourishment to the collective.  And it houses a few visually epic stages which play host some of the best musicians and DJs preforming today. 

This year was my first year teaching at the festival.  My overwhelming take-away was a sense of unification and connection to the collective.  Not just the tribe of festival goers, but to the global collective.  

I also left feeling exponentially more inspired to dig deeper and reassert my focus on my work in the world.  The question of how I can have more impact still keeps reverberating.  And I’m keep contemplating how my interpretation and presentation of yoga can help awaken more people and raise their awareness of the impact they have on the world around them.

When we gather together in celebration, music, dance and movement it’s inevitable that doors are cracked open within us.  Human beings have been doing it for millennia.  

Whether it’s Envision, Burning Man, Bonnaroo or some other gathering of conscious community - the people we surround ourselves matter.  It’s one of the greatest influences in where and how we focus our attention.

The opportunities to gather like this are plenty. Seek them out.