The more we practice, the more we become sensitized to our bodies as a container or vessel.  But a vessel for what?

Yes organs, bones, muscles and systems of the body.
Yes thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations.
Yes energy, electricity, and magnetism.

Underneath all of this is something more subtle.  A vibration, pulsation and powerful force that when experienced gives us a profound sense of fullness.

It's the place within which functions as the gateway to the infinite and reveals a felt sense of connection to the whole. 


When all the the layers within our container have been practiced into balance and the mind rests still - our mind becomes a mirror.

As our awareness rests on that mirror we enter into a deep state.  We have the gift of experiencing the essence of our being, our pure awareness.

As a result we become consciousness experiencing itself in it's own reflection.  In other words, our brilliancy and light is able to experience itself.  

The yoga tradition says, once we've reached this state we have reached the beginning again.  And it's from there where the next layer of practice unfolds.