No matter what your path of practice,
it's all leading to the same truth. 

7.5 billion people, one field of consciousness.  

The pratyabhijnahridayam (pratya-beeshna-her-die-um) is a tenth century text which teaches that the essence of the human being is consciousness.  It then goes on to say that the essence of this consciousness is Love.  

Unalloyed, ever present, impenetrable love. 

Our practice acts as a guiding principle returning us again and again to this essential intelligence. 

In my experience, there is no better teacher. 

My suggestion: 

Go inward.
Unpack your shit.
See it.
Learn from it.
Learn to love it.
Forgive whoever you need to forgive. 
Heal whatever needs to be healed.

Remember who you are.

It's time.

The world needs you.