Hanuman Festival 2017

Boulder, Colorado
June 15 - 18, 2017

Escape your ordinary.

World class teachers.
Powerful immersions.
Inspiring music.
Lifelong community.

Be a part of a powerful movement as we honor the practice of yoga and celebrate life. Join us at Colorado’s largest yoga festival for an incredible celebration.

Let’s Raise the Vibration!

Featured Speakers Sessions

Ritual, Culture & Transformation

Friday, June 16
Gaia Living Yoga - Panel Discussion
Moderator: Ashleigh Sergeant
Speakers: Kevin Courtney, Meg McCraken, Dayna Seraye, & Sianna Sherman

Drawing from shamanic, aboriginal, druid, yogic, Native American and Taoist influence we will discuss a thread that connects spiritual traditions throughout history -- the practice of ritual. How does ritual shape and transform and evolve consciousness? How do these different cultures use this practice as a means for growth and healing and how can we integrate these practices authentically into a modern practice?

Open to all passholders. 



Conscious Community: The Dis-Ease of Isolation and the Healing Power of Community and Connection

Sunday, June 18
Gaia Living Yoga - Panel Discussion
Moderator: Ashleigh Sergeant
Speakers: Kevin Courtney, Yashoda Devi Ma, Meg McCraken, Christopher Hareesh Wallis

We, as individuals and a society, are hurting, and within that pain is a wise longing for true connections. There is a primal urge for safe places for the truth telling of the condition of our humanity. A place where others will truly listen and accept us without trying to fix us, or change us or judge us, even if what we share isn’t “pretty”. A community where we are free to express both our joys and our challenges, our trust and our doubts, our loves and our fears, our gifts and our shortcomings, our humanity and our divinity. How is isolation affecting our society today? How is connection related to our primal survival instinct and our essential truth?

What are key elements of creating conscious community? How can we support one another in creating truly healing relationships?

Open to all passholders.


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