The Space Between

Boston, Massachusetts
June 1, 2017

Our yoga practice is a tool.
Over time we learn to use it to uncover increasingly subtle realms of our being.
We navigate from the surface to the core.

First we come to know body and breath. We steep in alignment, posture, and acclimate to this unique language of embodiment. We gain competency in merging breath, movement and awareness. Eventually we learn to use less and less effort.

All the while our mind is along for the ride - sometimes a willing participant and sometime a furious rebel.

With practice the mind tempers and becomes more steady. As it fluctuates less a space between the thoughts begins to emerge. It’s not a space we can force into being or make happen. We don’t find it - it finds us. And when it does, we stand at the foot of another stage of yoga - Absorption.

Join Kevin Courtney for an evening of practice where the simple intention will be to use the practice to experience the space between. What happens from there will be unique to everyone in their own way - and that is the gift of this practice.


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